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Subsurface Circular gets a release date for Nintendo Switch

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Bithell Games’ Subsurface Circular is on its way to Nintendo Switch. The game is a text adventure in which a robot detective takes on a case investigating a series of disappearances. Bithell is working with Ant Workshop to help them bring Subsurface Circular to the Switch.

Bithell Games’ Subsurface Circular is a text based indie on its way to Nintendo Switch. It's story focuses on a detective stationed on the Subsurface Circular. The robot is tasked with investigating a series of disappearances among the city’s robotic working class. The rub is - the detective can't ever leave its station.

Subsurface Circular first launched for PC in August 2017, and two months later it was available for iPad as well. The game will hit the Nintendo eShop on 01 March 2018 and sell for $6 (£4.26).

Bithell Games[undefined]Subsurface Circular

Even though Subsurface Circular does feature some sleek graphics, the game's entire premise focuses on the conversations that the player character has with various denizens who happen to be on the subway. All puzzles are based on the dialogue itself. The player has to collect clues and probe around looking for an answer to what’s really happening in the world.

Bithell has enlisted Ant Workshop to help them bring Subsurface Circular to the Switch. Ant Workshop perviously developed games such as Dead End Job and the dual-coloured puzzler Binaries. Both games have found their way to Nintendo’s handheld platform.

Subsurface Circular's developer - Bithell - is no stranger to consoles, as their acclaimed Thomas Was Alone had its start on PC before heading out to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.

Bithell Games[undefined]Subsurface Circular

Subsurface Circular is another in a long line of indies slated for a release on the Switch. Various indie developers have been sending their games over ever since Nintendo's hybrid handheld launched. In August 2017, Nintendo showcased a number of "Nindies" that will roll out this year.