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Sea of Thieves beta racks up 330K players

Sea of thieves Rare
Sea of thieves

Alright, we’ll spare you the cheesy ahoy-matey attempts at setting the tone and skip to the meat - Sea of Thieves closed beta has ended with a total of 332,052 players. Although a seemingly unimpressive figure at first, the fact that it’s a closed beta of a Microsoft exclusive title puts a really positive spin on it.

Players racked up as much as 2 million hours of sailing during the beta and although the game is not without flaws at this stage, it’s shaping up to be the title we have expected. Some login difficulties prompted Rare to extend the beta by additional two days, but it doesn't seem to have messed with the numbers too much.

RareSea of thievesSea of Thieves

Perhaps even more impressive are Twitch and Mixer numbers, with the two platforms totalling at around 14.5 million hours of Sea of Thieves viewing content. The game averaged around 104K of viewers and 25.5K content creators, which once again seems to indicate the game will prove to be a success for both Rare and Microsoft.

The beta seems to have a struck a chord with players and reviewers alike, even though everyone seems to agree that Rare is still holding back the best stuff for launch. Indeed, some sniffing around the code suggests an eventual appearance of Kraken, ship sinking beast of tales, Mermaids and other mythical creatures.

RareSea of thievesSea of Thieves

Further mining revealed that Rare is planning on surprises in the weapon department as well, with blunderbusses and sniper rifles thrown into the pot. Also found were new NPCs, with colourful names such as Blind Bob, Ghost Captain and the like.

The game officially launches on 20 March, 2018, and, being a Microsoft exclusive and all, will be available for PC and Xbox platforms. As for PlayStation users, I guess they can always download Twitch and cry into a jar.