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UPDATE: Fortnite servers are down, but don't panic - it will be back soon

Screenshot of Fortnite BR client showing offline status.
Fortnite - "This has never happened before, I swear!"

Fortnite is famous for having a far better network solution than the competition, but Epic's servers are silent for an unusually lengthy amount of time today. The developers explain what is going on. UPDATED

UPDATE: Epic Games have now explained what it is exactly that they are having trouble with.

"During our downtime to upgrade to 2.3, we were performing recommended tasks to resolve a lingering database issue. Those tasks ended up causing the database to go into a bad state. After significant consideration, we decided our best option was to restore from a backup at the moment we took the servers down for the patch. Our first restore failed (due to issues unrelated with the quality of the backup) and we're working on a second attempt at the restore. Our Top People are on it and it will be up as soon as humanly possible."

ORIGINAL: Updating an online multiplayer game is no easy task, and Epic Games seem to be relearning that troubling fact of life today as Fortnite servers stay offline for a scheduled update far longer than usual.

Epic GamesAn aerial view of a piece of map in FortniteFortnite

The update in question is supposed to fix a lot of client and server related issues, along with a variety of updates - but something apparently went wrong.

While we still don't have official confirmation, the update seemingly has something with do with matchmaking, and for battle royale shooters no matchmaking means no game.

It's a welcome change of pace to see Epic keeping players up to date on the progress of the update. It's actually entirely in their favour not to keep players guessing, but it's still far from industry standard. Just ask UbiSoft how they handle this sort of thing.

In case you managed to develop a healthy battle royale addiction with the recent craze surrounding the genre, then you might as well take this as an opportunity to check out the competition - no matter how hard Epic Games are trying to dissuade you of doing exactly that.

While yours truly somehow always ends up supporting Epic ever since the olden Unreal vs. Quake days, it can never hurt to know what the competition has on offer.

If you don't feel like investing your money and time into any of the alternatives just yet, the money part can easily be bypassed with Steam's refund system. Something worth keeping in mind with PUBG being as unfinished as it is.

Epic GamesFortnite Battle Royale's Battle BusFortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale has recently received a lot of love, including map changes and biomes. Should it turn out that Bluehole and PUBG corporation (what a customer friendly name), can't expel cheaters or fix their networking problems - Fortnite will give them a good run for their precious money.

There is a complete list of changes that were supposed to be made to the game before the fix became a problem itself over on Epic Games' official site.