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Fortnite gets team healing and ShadowPlay

Poster for the game Fortnite Battle Royale
Fortnite Battle Royale

We’ve got to admit that Fortnite devs are getting really good in thinking outside the sandbox, with every patch bringing useful and/or fun items and modes, even though they may seem ridiculous at first. Items, not devs of course. Anyway, the new patch brings team healing in form of campfires, ShadowPlay with a GTX 1070 flavored contest as well as tweaks on the UI, gameplay, audio and Boogie Bombs.

The new team healing item is called Cozy Campfire - a healing trap that is placed on the floor and heals players with 2HP per second over 25 seconds. Patch notes say the Cozy Campfire is a blue rarity item and that it can be found anywhere. Great stuff, since it heals with the one hand and advertises your whole squad's location with the other.

Epic Games3D campfire model promotional imageCozy Campfire

Nvidia graphics owners can finally cease their endless yelps as Fortnite: Battle Royale now supports ShadowPlay, making sure children in their formative years need not record too much and thus wait too long on their first 'epic 360 noscope' montage. In fact, the Fortnite Team is throwing a ShadowPlay Highlights Contest from 10-18 of January, giving away four GeForce GTX 1070 graphics cards as prizes. Contestants will be judged by creativity, quality and quality of representing their entry category, which are listed as Best Solo Play, Best Squad Play, Best Unexpected Play and Best Trick Shot/Stylish Play.

Epic GamesPoster for the game Fortnite Battle RoyaleNvidia ShadowPlay

The devs have upped the audible range of enemy player footsteps and their overall volume, especially when building, shooting or smashing things up. They also resolved some recurrent sniper sound bugs and adjusted the volume on few in-game effects.

The Boogie Bomb’s dancing effect will now stop once a player has taken damage and the item’s rarity has been changed to blue/rare. Devs say they’ll keep watching and polishing the concept but this little thing can be pretty useful, not to mention hilarious, so let’s hope it doesn't get nerf hammered into obsoleteness.  You can find the of the patch notes on the Fortnite Team’s blog.