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Civilization VI - Korea revealed as new Civ in Rise and Fall

Queen Seondeok in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall
Civilization VI: Rise and Fall - Queen Seondeok

News from the east sire! Queen Seondeok of Korea is to lead the first of the new Civs in the Rise and Fall expansion. Ready for some early game science boosting?

The newly announced Korean Civ has the Seowon as its unique district, replacing the Campus. The Seowon must be built on a hill and if you're lucky enough to have some adjacent mines - which gain a science bonus from the Seowon - then you're looking at some pretty powerful science output in the first part of a game playing as Korea.

Firaxis GamesSid Meier’s Civilization VI: Rise and FallSid Meier’s Civilization VI: Rise and Fall

We do have a concern here already - science is often the default victory goal of many less experienced players, and a lot of experienced ones too. Such a bonus to Korea could see you establish an unassailable lead very early on. And that doesn't make for an interesting mid or late game. However, it's only a concern, as there are other changes to the game including Dark Ages, Golden Ages and Heroic Ages and a new City Loyalty mechanic, as detailed herewith the new Government district.

The prospect of Emergencies triggered by wars or religious expansions is also intriguing, as is the possibility that Alliances will be worth something with proper Shared Goals. We're still hoping for essentially smarter AI though.

FiraxisCivilization VI: Rise and Fall - Does anyone smell trouble? Civilization VI - Does anyone smell trouble?

Queen Seondeok adds to the science advantage with her Hwarang unique ability, adding more of those little blue icons and also a culture bonus to cities with an established governor.

The familiar Hwacha makes a reappearance as Korea's unique unit, replacing the crossbowman, and packing a heavy punch, albeit with it a mobility limitation.

FiraxisCivilization VI: Rise and Fall - Korea's unique unit is the HwachamacallitCivilization VI - Korea's unique unit is the Hwachamacallit