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WoW getting an expansion and part of StarCraft II to be made free

StarCraft II Blizzard
StarCraft II

BlizzCon weekend gave the fans something to look forward to. World of Warcraft is getting its seventh expansion and some new races. StarCraft II's Wings of Liberty campaign, ranked ladder play, and some of the Co-Op Commanders will be made free later this month.

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BlizzCon came and went but not before spewing out a bunch of news and announcements. While I did do a separate article about all things Overwatch this Saturday, it's time to give the other Blizzard games a chance to shine. In one article. Balance. 

World of Warcraft

  • Battle for Azeroth is the seventh expansion headed to the world of World of Warcraft. World. Hehe. The expansion will tell the timeless story of the war between the Horde and the Alliance as it reignites to cause an immense amount of destruction and chaos. 

The Nightborne Elves, Highmountain Tauren and Zandalari Trolls will join the Horde faction, while the Void Elves, Lightforged Draenei and Dark Iron Dwarves will team up with the Alliance faction.

Blizzard[undefined]World of Warcraft

Between you, the hero and each new race will stand a slew of mighty specific quest lines. You know the drill: complete the quest line, unlock the race and then scurry off to make a new character that'll belong to the newly unlocked race. The races will boast their own passives and abilities, just like the traditional World of Warcraft races.

The release date for the expansion is quite lacking in the "day" and "month" boxes on the form, but we know the year ladies and gentlemen, and it's not 2017.

It's 2018. Whoa, the suspense. I could barely contain myself.

  • WoW Classic - Blizzard has some plans to develop a "gameplay experience" that'll recapture players’ first journeys into the original World of Warcraft. Nostalgia is a gift that keeps on giving. No release date here either.


  • Kobolds & Catacombs is the second expansion in this article that has something to do with Azeroth. Two for two, Blizzard. The expansion will drop in December and "bring players down into the dungeons beneath Azeroth" says the press release. You will not be alone, however, a total of 135 new cards will keep you company.


  • Dungeon Runs is a new singleplayer game mode for Hearthstone. "Dungeon Runs are free for all players; no pre-built decks are required for entry" says the press release. The new mode will launch with the Kobolds & Catacombs expansion.
  • New Legendary Weapons - each class gets one. Yaay.
  • Free Legendary Cards - all players will receive a free legendary minion, Marin the Fox, on November 6, as well as a free random legendary weapon for logging in when Kobolds & Catacombs launches in December. 

StarCraft II

  • Big StarCraft II news folks: starting on 14 November, players will get free access to the Wings of Liberty campaign, ranked ladder play, and all Co-Op Commanders up to level five. Speaking of Co-Op Commanders:
    • Mira Han and Matt Horner - the newest Co-op Commander for StarCraft II’s popular Co-Op mode is actually two commanders in one: command a devastating mixture of high-powered Dominion air units as Matt Horner and fast-moving ground units as Mira Han.
  • War Chest Season 2 - StarCraft II will once again offer a fresh batch of seasonal content for players in support of StarCraft II esports.

Blizzard[undefined]StarCraft II

Heroes of the Storm

  • Hanzo and Alexstrasza - The Nexus will welcome the two new heroes sometime later this year.
  • 2018 Gameplay Update - Heroes of the Storm gameplay will see some changes in the near future. The cahnges include "a wider field-of-view camera, new Mercenary mechanics, and other core gameplay updates" says the press release.
  • Voice Chat - You will automatically use Blizzard Voice Chat unless you opt-out, and teams will have the choice to opt-in. 
  • Performance-Based Matchmaking - your personal performance will influence your matchmaking rating whether they win or lose.

That, my friends, was a quick rundown of all things BlizzCon 2017.