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Scorn Kickstarter campaign starts on 5 September 2017

Scorn Ebb

Ebb Software, the developers behind the first-person horror adventure game Scorn, will be making use of a Kickstarter campaign in order to secure the funds necessary for adding some final polish to the promising looking two-parter title.


The Kickstarter for Scorn Part 1 is now live. Ebb Software is hoping to raise $150.000 for the project. You can have a look for yourself here. There is also a new gameplay trailer for the game, and it looks unique to say the least.


Whether Scorn will get released or not won't be an issue for the Kickstarter campaign starting on 5 September 2017. The Serbia based developers from Ebb Software have already secured a publishing deal with Humble Bundle, but it appears that they aren't entirely happy with how far the project has come and the game's general level of polish.

"We are getting close to completion of Part 1, but we’re not really satisfied with all the aspects of the game.  After much internal deliberation, we decided that it would be the best to try and acquire additional resources, taking more time to polish the game, rather than releasing something we’re not entirely happy with", the studio has announced in advance of the Kickstarter campaign.


Simple, blunt and straightforward. Unlike most gaming related Kickstarter projects, Scorn looks like a safe bet regarding the question of what you might get for your pledge, and the developers have a charming way of saying we need some support to make the finished game what we want it to be. This sort of approach is quite reminiscent of the earlier days of Kicktarter game projects - plying with open cards.

While there is little doubt that the project will reach its funding goal faster than you can check your Giger counter (I'm sorry, I just had to get that out of my system), it's far more sensible to put your money down with Scorn via Kickstarter, rather than doing something silly like pre-ordering.

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A lot of people may have been wondering what Scorn has to offer beyond its haunting visuals. Luckily, it's not another walking simulator, and an outline of planned and implemented features can be found over at the official site.

Looking at Scorn's FAQ section, this little gem came up, "We are planning to release it in two parts, with the first part coming in 2018. Current design of the game contains certain concepts and ideas that we are very fond of. Changing these concepts would mess with the whole structure of the game. These two parts represent everything that will ever be done. There will be no DLC, expansions or sequels. Ever."

Ebb ScornScorn

The Kickstarter campaign for Scorn starts tomorrow, and we will make sure to update this article with the promised new trailer for the game and additional Kickstarter info.