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Warframe Chains of Harrow is now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Warframe: Chains of Harrow DigitalExtremes
Warframe: Chains of Harrow

The Chains of Harrow update for Warframe, which launched for PC late last month, is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well. The update features a new character class, quests, skills and updated visuals.

The latest Chains of Harrow update for Warframe launched on PC 28 June 2017, and is now available to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players as well.

The update adds a new warframe the game, the Harrow. The class specialises in buffs and plays pretty much like a cleric equivalent from other MMOs.

In addition to the new quests, weapons and items that are also part of the update, environments, vegetation and lighting have been remastered for certain areas. 

Warframe launched to a general meh from the gaming community, only to rise to popularity and become more than sustainable since its launch in 2013.

DigitalExtremesWarframe: Chains of HarrowWarframe: Chains of Harrow

The game is essentially a free-to-play take on the Destiny formula, so you may want to give it a shot if you want to figure out whether the upcoming Desiny 2 or Anthem are something you might find interesting. Warframe is a lof of grind on top of more grind, sprinkled with some relatively solid combat mechanics, and quite a unique and appealing art style.

Made by Digital Extremes, the game is currently one of the most played games on Steam, with roughly 50,000 concurrent players in the last month. Data on player numbers for the console versions is a little harder to come by, but you shouldn't have too hard a time finding company there either.