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Mirage: Arcane Warfare update adds bots, spells and weapons

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Mirage: Arcane Warfare

Bots have become somewhat of a rare sight in multiplayer arena games in recent years. Mirage: Arcane Warfare now has the feature, along with new maps, abilities and a choppy new greatsword in the latest Gladiator update.

Mirage: Arcane Warfare has launched close to 2 months ago, and the first major update to the game is now live. The free Gladiator update adds two new arenas, new spells, a greatsword for the Taurant class, and bots.

TornBannerMirage: Arcane WarfareMirage: Arcane Warfare

Multiplayer games depend heavily on their playerbase, and a developer roughly the size of Torn Banner Studios doesn't have Activision Blizzard amounts of marketing money just lying around to make sure their servers are populated at all times. This is where the bots come in.

Mirage: Arcane WarfareMirage: Arcane Warfare

Torn Banner have posted all of the changes contained in the update, and it doesn't seem like the studio will stop trying to attract more players. AtlChar had some time with the game during beta, and it was a fun time indeed. Given patience, Mirage: Arcane Warfare stands a good chance of recovering from its current somewhat underpopulated state. The game sold around 12.000 copies since launch, but preciously few of those translate into active players.

TornBannerMirage: Arcane WarfareMirage: Arcane Warfare

Mirage: Arcane Warfare was made by a lot of the same people that made Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, and the two games are quite similar in many respects. If you enjoyed Chivalry, you can find out more about Mirage here. It goes for roughly £25 at the time of writing.

TornBannerMirage: Arcane WarfareMirage: Arcane Warfare