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PlayStation Plus free games lineup for July 2017

PlayStation Plus free games lineup - July 2017 Sony
PlayStation Plus free games lineup - July 2017

PlayStation Plus free games lineup for July has been announced, and the offer is indeed brilliant. Take a look at our video to see what games you'll be getting.

Sony have done it again! Another great month for PlayStation Plus users. Here's what you'll be getting in a few days' time:

Up for grabs on the PS4 is Until Dawn - a horror game from Supermassive games. We dare say that this game alone is worth the PS Plus subscription because it really is that good. It's one of the best PlayStation exclusives and if you enjoy games like Heavy Rain, then you're gonna love Until Dawn. The game is an absolute must-play, so if you haven't tried it already - you're in for a scary, but awesome treat.

Supermassive GamesUntil DawnUntil Dawn

Accompanying Until Dawn is the entire season of Game of Thrones from Telltale Games, and a new PlayLink title called That's You which was announced at this year's E3. That's You is a comedy quiz that features over 1000 questions that you and your friends need to answer using your smartphone or tablet devices. It sounds really fun, we're definitely going to check it out.

Sony Interactive EntertainmentThat's You!That's You!

PlayStation 3 owners will be getting the survival action game Tokyo Jungle where you play as a number of different animals in a post-apocalyptic Japan, and Capcom's Darkstalkers Resurrection.

CapcomDarkstalkers ResurrectionDarkstalkers Resurrection

The PlayStation Vita games include an indie platformer called Element4l, as well as Don't Die, Mr. Robot! which is crossbuy with the PS4.

Infinite State GamesDon't Die, Mr. Robot!Don't Die, Mr. Robot!

The games will be available to download on July 4, so you have a few more days to download the games from the previous month's lineup in case you haven't already.