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Conan Exiles teases mammoth expansion ahead of Xbox launch

Conan Exiles - Goes Primal Funcom
Conan Exiles - Goes Primal

Conan Exiles still isn't our of Early Access but Funcom finds it necessary to tease a free and frosty upcoming expansion. The Norwegian studio has shared some screenshots and a short promo video of the upcoming additional content.

Funcom's Priapus blessed take on ARK: Survival Evolved will be expanding with some mountainous and tundra landscapes along with mammoths and other critters native to such biomes before the year is out. There also seems to be some sort of climbing mechanic thrown into the upcoming update.

FuncomConan Exiles - Goes PrimalConan Exiles - Good doggy

The expansion will be roughly the same size as what is currently available in the game.

Conan Exiles is set to launch for Xbox One on 16 August 2017, and the new yet unnamed expansion will be deployed on the same day. Xbox One X support with the accompanying 4K resolutions will also be released at a later date, but there is no mention of framerates or a launch day for these features.

FuncomConan Exiles - Goes PrimalConan Exiles - Majestic

The press release boasts with the game's Early Access launch success, but according to Steam Charts the current player count is hovering around the 3,500 mark. The final and complete is launch scheduled for sometime in early 2018, when the game will also become available on PlayStation 4.

The game has added numerous features and updates since entering Early Access 31 January 2017, most of which were focused on fixing exploits, expanding existing building/crafting/raiding options, and expanding siege warfare.

FuncomConan Exiles - Goes PrimalConan Exiles - The gang

We will know whether players will be returning to Conan Exiles when the expansion launches for PC and Xbox in August 2017.