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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will launch as an Xbox One exclusive

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Bluehole
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will launch as an Xbox One exclusive in late 2017. Developer Brendan Greene announced the game at Microsoft's E3 conference. Make no mistake, an insane amount of money has changed hands here.

Bad news for the PlayStation community - Player Unknown's Battlegrounds has been snatched up by Microsoft for the Xbox, for the time being at least.

PUBG character aiming at the camera
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Developer Brendan Greene took to stage during Microsoft's E3 conference last night to announce that his super-popular title is coming to the world of consoles, but only as an exclusive launch for Xbox One. Players who decide to invest in Microsoft's newest flagship console - Xbox One X - will have an even more immersive experience, as the game will include a number of enhancements that Xbox One X has the hardware to offer.

Of course, this does not mean that PUBG will not be coming to PS4 at all. Talking to Business Insider, Greene said, "We have a team working already on looking to port it to at least the Xbox [One]. We're looking at both consoles of course, but we have no time frame for both." To further back the fact that a PS4 version is still very much on the cards, the game's producer, Chang-han Kim, told Inven that he plans on launching the game across both PS4 and Xbox One.

If, for some reason, you haven't heard of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds yet, it's based around the Battle Royale mechanic. 100 players airdrop themselves on to a map - and mayhem follows. The game is all about ultimate survival, as you have to fight and forage your way through the big island map, all the while being attacked by other players who happen to be on the same mission as you: survive and take no prisoners. Last man standing wins.

PUBG was released as an early access game on PC earlier this year, and has since become an absolutely massive hit with a quarter of a million people at any one time playing what is an unfinished game, so this is a very good move by Microsoft - especially given the lack of exclusive content for its console. Some serious money must have been offered to Greene and Bluehole Studios to give Microsoft exclusive launch access to this game.

The game is slated for release for Xbox One sometime in late 2017. The development for console is being done separately from the PC version.