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PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds crashing

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - on the move Bluehole
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - on the move

For an early access game, PU:BG is insanely popular, with console players slavering at the thought of getting their hands on what is currently a PC-only title. However, such is the enthusiasm for playing, that the recent batch of crashes has left many gamers frustrated as they chase that Chicken Dinner

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PU:BG's SubReddit has been alive with tales of crashes and game freezes in the wake of the most recent patch.

As players offered up their PC specifications for scrutiny - and AltChar's own staff, one on a high-end god system, one on a more potato-like system, experienced the same problems - it became apparent it wasn't a matter of hardware.

Well, Bluehole have been fast to react, tweeting this morning that they'd fixed the game freeze problem and games not being reported to the leaderboard.



However, people where still reporting some crashes as of this morning, with a number of players posting they weren't playing until the performance issues were sorted.

We need to make clear that no-one was being unreasonable - which is refreshing in itself. Everyone knows this is early access and an open development environment. The players are an excellent testing resource for Bluehole - and as they've promised rapid progress in getting the game to a full release finished state, we must all bear with them.

Unlike with DayZ SA for example. Or so we hope.

BlueholePlayerUnknown's BattlegroundsPlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

No one could have predicted the popularity of PU:BG in early access, but the hype train has being picking up more passengers at every stop - and for once, we feel the hype is appropriate. It is simply the most amazing fun, with all the tension and silliness anybody could want.

BlueholePlayerUnknown's BattlegroundsPlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

We just hope Bluehole do live up their promises, and that Brendan Greene is driving them hard too.