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Most memorable video games with creatures that are out of this world

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This Saturday, I list five games with the most memorable aliens, in honour of the movie Alien: Covenant launching in theaters. No probing here guys, just good clean fun.

If they are out there, they might be seriously flattered or gravely enraged by our depiction of them in every single piece of entertainment and media we stick them in when a Russian or Korean enemy just wont do. We haven't heard any complaints yet, but you know, in space no one can hear you scream.

The original idea for this Saturday's list came from yesterday's release of Alien: Covenant. It's getting good reviews and Rotten Tomatoes gave it the "Certified Fresh" rating. I'm here to list some of the aliens from those blasted video games that are making our youths jaded and violent.


Disclaimer: while the Alien movie did inspire this list, I'm not going to mention any of the Aliens video games as it seems too easy and I'm just not like that.

I wonder: is "alien" a racial slur nowadays?

Here go, let's list say five of those video games featuring extraterrestrials:

Cryptosporidium 137 - Destroy all Humans

Know your enemy? In this game, you are the alien and you take "One giant step on mankind". A parody of the invasion-films from the ‘50s, this farcical and entertaining game puts us in the role of the invader as we collect samples of human DNA and blow things up from our UFO.

Also, you can make the humans do the chicken dance and that makes it a win in my book.

Pandemic StudiosDestroy All HumansDestroy All Humans

The Vortigaunts - Half-life series

What more can be said about Half-lIfe? Valve's debut product has you fight your way out of a research facility in which an experiment went terribly, terribly wrong. Simple premise, sure, but it didn't win over fifty PC "Game of the Year" awards for the premise.

Valve did away with cutscenes, added realistic gameplay and puzzles to concoct one of the greatest games of all time.

ValveHalf-Life - The VortigauntsHalf-Life - The Vortigaunts

Metroid Prime - Metroid Prime

Ahh another one of my childhood crushes. I'm obviously talking about the titular Metroid Prime, not Samus. Nevertheless, does it get more alien than a "living-meteor" crashing onto your planet with a singular purpose of poisoning it?

After some experiments go not-according-to-plan, again, you are left with a creature Miss Aran gets to fight for an entire trilogy.

NintendoMetroid Prime - Metroid PrimeMetroid Prime - Metroid Prime

Various races - Mass Effect

The franchise has seen a decline in popularity thanks to the rocky release of the latest Andromeda offering. Even so, the fact that it introduced us to a colourful range of characters remains. 

Turians, Elcor, Quarians, and Asari, everyone with their own religion, military, and biology showed us that the aliens might be our friends. Lovers even. If you're into that sort of thing. The Reapers kind of mess with the picture here, but hey, they couldn't leave the antagonst's role to the Russians or Koreans.

BioWareMass EffectMass Effect

Typhon - Prey

The latest game to join the genre, Prey follows the something goes not-according-to-plan gimmick to a tee. Set on a space station, the game follows Morgan Yu in his or hers attempt to rid the station of the infestation that are the Typhon.

Along the way Morgan can collect awesome powers like the power to mimic mundane objects like coffee mugs and fire extinguishers. Bethesda's policy of kneecapping their own games by not handing out review copies, crippled the game's sales a little bit but it seems that Prey might be on the right track after all. Hey, at least no one will confuse it with the indie title Praey to the Gods.