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Overwatch Anniversary skins, maps and more

Overwatch - Anniversary Blizzard
Overwatch - Anniversary

Blizzard is slowly teasing us with the new content set to arrive to Overwatch in honour of the game's first anniversary. New skins, maps, voice lines and emotes are being shared on the Overwatch social media around the world.

Next week we'll see the celebration of Overwatch's first year in the wild. To commemorate the first anniversary of their latest golden goose, Blizzard Entertainment is planning an in-game event full of new maps, cosmetic items, emotes and more. The event was announced earlier this week but not many specifics were given. 

Since the announcement was made, Blizzard used Twitter and other social media to drop precious bits of information about the event.

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First up, we have the new skins. Coming on the heels of the Origins skins the new ones were teased on Overwatch’s Chinese-language Facebook page. In the video, we can see Bastion, Pharah, Soldier: 76 and Zarya showing off their latest threads using the "spin around in one spot until everyone watching gets motion sickness" technique. It's the hottest new craze, look it up.

Next, we have some new arena-style maps. No new locations though, so the new arenas will be based on existing locations which include: Anubis, Dorado and Eichenwalde. At least that's what appears to be the case. This tease comes to us courtesy of the Overwatch Europe Twitter account:

New voice lines are also coming our way. I like what Lucio has to say. 

Finally no party is compete without some sick dance moves. Sombra, Lúcio, Symmetra and Zenyatta are getting some new Dance Emotes, and the tease was published on the Overwatch Latin America Facebook page.

The Overwatch Anniversary event kicks off next week on Tuesday, May 23 and runs through June 12. Game of the Year Edition will also be available on 23 May. Overwatch art books and Overwatch Anthology: Volume 1 will come out this October.