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For Honor player blackout is now in full effect - whatever that means

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For Honor - Oh man, this grinding can pile up.

The player boycott of UbiSoft's For Honor organised via reddit should now be in full swing. SteamSpy data suggests an expected lack of discipline in the first hours of the player's attempts to force UbiSoft into a dialogue.

For Honor is going through rough times. Player accusations of unfair microtransactions and UbiSoft releasing a half-finished game at a AAA price ran rampant for a while and culminated in the last few days with a day-long blackout being organised by unhappy customers via reddit.

SteamChartsFor Honor - Steam chartsFor Honor - Steam charts

UbiSoft quickly responded by dumping a truckload of bones and doggy snacks in the form of restructured Steel acquisition rates, reinstated maps and more outfits - because what else could they have done?

SteaSpyFor Honor - SteamSpyFor Honor - SteamSpy

As is quite a common sight, the move seems to have split the community in two - one part still unhappy and the other franticly stuffing their face with delicious canine biscuits.

Comment from discussion Do we still boycott?.

While it might still be a little too soon to tell, according to SteamSpy and SteamCharts there is little change in the game's slow downward tumble as far as concurrent online user numbers go. It is important to note however that these graphics do not take players into account who are logged into uPlay directly or are playing the game on consoles. So what is on display here is only the roughest of estimates and it will be hard to tell whether the blackout had any real impact, or whether it actually occurred in any meaningful way or not - other than what can be read from Ubi's poker face.

Meanwhile, the reddit user who started the initial blackout thread has advised players to call the whole thing off, with mixed results.

We should know whether reddit managed to accomplish anything with this half-failed stunt in due time, but with the lack of a coherent voice on the customers side, and a very powerful PR instrument in the hands of UbiSoft, chances are slim.