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Agents of Mayhem release dates

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Agents of Mayhem

Deep silver announced the release dates for their upcoming Agents of Mayhem. The game will launch on 15 August in North America and on 18 August in Europe.

Deep Silver, the publishers behind the Saints Row series, announced the dates for North American and European release of the franchise's spiritual successor - Agents of Mayhem. 

Set in the futuristic city of Seoul the Agents of Mayhem will see the player switch between three previously selected Agents in a fight against the Legion. In case you were wondering, Mayhem stands for "The Multinational AgencY for Hunting Evil Masterminds". And Legion is short for "The League of Evil Gentlemen Intent On Obliterating Nations".

YouTubeAgents of Mayhem - Doctor BabylonAgents of Mayhem - Doctor Babylon

Agents of Mayhem is set in the larger Saints Row universe, but it's a "brand new IP with a focus on a new cast of characters, new gameplay, and a new open world". There will, however, be some Easter eggs scattered around here and there so the original Saints Row fans can find them.

There will be twelve agents in total, and four of them have been introduced so far:

Fortune - a Colombian sky pirate wielding dual energy pistols;

Hardtack - Chief Petty Officer from the US Navy, and his signature weapon - a harpoon; 

Hollywood - a TV personality with an assault rifle;

and Rama - Indian immunologist with a bow. Maybe they're going to try and pull a War of the Worlds type of a stunt to solve their problems.

YouTubeAgents of MayhemAgents of Mayhem

Other agents, not yet fully introduced are: Kingpin, Yeti, Scheherazade, Oni, Braddock, Daisy, Red Card, and Joule.

The game is under development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and it's expected to be out in North America on 15 August and in Europe on 18 August.