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Persia enters the Civ VI fray

Civilization VI - Cyrus the Great Firaxis
Civilization VI - Cyrus the Great

Persia is joining Civilization VI in a soon-to-be released patch which also promises balance changes and bug fixes as well as multiplayer features. A second, as yet unannounced civ, will also be joining the game at the same time.

Persia is to join Civilization VI, 2K have announced, as the Achaemenid Empire led by Cyrus the Great.

Gold generation will be an important plus for the Achaemenid civ, the unique ability is Satrapies which provides a free trade route when Political Philosophy is researched and also gives bonuses for domestic trade routes.

The much loved - and hated - Immortal is also back as a replacement for the basic Swordsman unit. 

FiraxisCIvilization VI - ImmortalsCIvilization VI - Immortals

As for Persia's unique improvement, we're getting the Pairidaeza, providing gold, appeal and culture and adjacency bonuses.

FiraxisCIvilization VI - ImmortalsCivilization VI - Persia's unique improvement is the Pairidaeza

Most interesting is Cyrus the Great's leader ability - Fall of Babylon. Following the declaration of a Surprise War, units receive a movement bonus and the diplomatic penalty for starting such a war is reduced.

Key to the playerbase will be "balance changes." For one, we'd like to see coastal cities being much more viable - and not just for particular civs. Also, and this is the main issue - the Warmonger penalties must be changed. We all know how absurd the situation is currently when taking out the hyper aggresive civ next to you results in mass hate from the AI civs - or when you try to prevent early game forward settling.

FiraxisThe playing field in Civilization VICivilization VI - Trade

We'd also like to see some revisions to Trade, with the essentially unreasonable demands from the AI tuned down a bit.

Purchasers of the Digital Deluxe Edition of Civilization VI will get the DLC for free - and for everyone else, we'd expect something in the order of £5 to be the price.