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PS Plus free games lineup for March 2017

Another month of PS Plus free games is upon us Sony
Another month of PS Plus free games is upon us

Here's what you can download on Tuesday, March 7 if you're a PS Plus member

PlayStation Plus free games for March 2017 were announced a few days ago, and it will again offer a selection of indie games, much to the dismay of many AAA fans.

For the PS4, Tearaway Unfolded and Disc Jam are on offer. This isn't too bad of a lineup, especially Disc Jam which is looking to repeat the success of Rocket League, because when that game came out it was relatively unknown and just look at it now - one of the most popular games on PlayStation! Disc Jam is amazingly reminiscent of Rocket League with its fusion of air hockey and sci-fi elements - pretty much what Rocket League did with football.

High Horse EntertainmentWill Disc Jam be as big as Rocket League?Will Disc Jam be as big as Rocket League?

PlayStation 3 owners will be getting the 2D fighting game Under Night: In Birth and Sandlot's Earth Defense Force 2025, and up for grabs for PS Vita are Severed from DrinkBox Studios and the Gareth Noyce's action adventure Lumo.

Not the best of selections this month if you ask us, but there you go. It will be interesting to see how well Disc Jam will be received though - here's hoping that it's another overnight sensation in disguise!