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Free to play robo-arena shooter Robocraft is now in beta

Robocraft Freejam

Free to play third-person multiplayer robo-battle-arena Robocraft has recieved enough updates to reach beta status

I used to play Robocraft for a while around this time last year. The game is a strange mix of Lego with World of Tanks. It doesn't suffer from pay-wall issues as badly as some other games, but the grind and unfinished look of the game at the time didn't keep my attention for longer than a week or so. The arenas and environments felt a little to barren and while the robot construction section was great fun, it didn't really feel polished enough just yet.

Robocraft - A leg up Freejam
Robocraft - A leg up

Robocraft is now officially in a state of beta and a lot of my initial complaints seem to have been addressed in the meantime. It's quite fun, especially in the lower tiers, where you still get to see some creative designs from other players. As you rise through the ranks this creativity will slowly give ground to more optimised robots geared towards combat, but it's still engaging enough to bomb, laser and machinegun away for a few hours or just play around in the robot designer on your own.

New game modes including a Brawl mode have also been added. Overall a lot of progress over the course of a year and the revisit was a pleasant one. Robocraft is available through Steam.