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For Honor at the top of the UK charts

For Honor
For Honor

For Honor launched on Valentine's Day, and it's still going strong

Ubisoft's latest title was released on 14 February and has been topping the UK charts ever since. This week, For Honor remained at the top of the physical sales list, even though Halo Wars 2 came out in the meantime. 

Halo Wars 2
Halo Wars 2

The rest of the chart remains somewhat the same as before: Grand Theft Auto V sits comfortably at number three, followed by FIFA 17 and Sniper Eliite 4 which is now at number five.

The entire list looks like this:

1.For Honor
2.Halo Wars 2
3.Grand Theft Auto V
4.FIFA 17
5.Sniper Elite 4
6.Battlefield 1
7.Rocket League
8.Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
9.Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
10.Forza Horizon 3