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FIFA 17 and Battlefield 1 soar - EA never stops worrying

Battlefield 1 EA
Battlefield 1

EA reporting a steady rise in digital sales and mouth watering overall revenue for the final months of 2016

FIFA 17 was the best selling console title globally in 2016 and Battlefield 1 outperformed Battlefield 4 by more than 50 per cent in its comparable launch quarter. All this led to EA having their first instance of a single quarter generating over $1 billion in operating cash flow.

FIFA 17 - As officialy licenced as it gets EA
FIFA 17 - As officialy licenced as it gets

Big company executives and shareholders worry a lot. When they are making less money than last year - they worry why they are not making more, when they break even - they worry about how to make more, when they make more - they worry about making sure they keep making more and more.

EA's financial report for its third fiscal quarter ending with 31 December 2016 contains a section titled Forward-Looking Statements with an interesting paragraph in the mix.

Uphill waterslide GoogleFinance
Uphill waterslide

"Some of the factors which could cause the Company’s results to differ materially from its expectations..." Now here is a great opportunity to have a look at what keeps executives and shareholders up at night:

  • sales of the Company’s titles
  • the Company’s ability to manage expenses
  • the competition in the interactive entertainment industry
  • the effectiveness of the Company’s sales and marketing programs
  • timely development and release of Electronic Arts’ products
  • the Company’s ability to realise the anticipated benefits of acquisitions
  • the consumer demand for, and the availability of an adequate supply of console hardware units
  • the Company’s ability to predict consumer preferences among competing platforms
  • the Company’s ability to service and support digital product offerings, including managing online security
  • general economic conditions


Go ahead and have a look at the report. Hit Ctrl + F and type in "art". The only spots the three letters come up are in combination with "Electronic Arts" and "quarter".