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Gabe Newell AMA - Likes his steak medium rare, dislikes the number 3

Gabe Newell
Picture of Gabe Newell at some event where he is waving around
Gabe Newell

Portal and Half-Life movies underway, Steam support improving and "the number 3 must not be said".

GabeN got to answering some questions in a Reddit AMA just yesterday and despite usually being quite tight lipped about its projects a lot of interesting things have come out of the back and forth. Here is a brief rundown of the highlights:

St. Newell of Steam
St. Newell of Steam

- The Portal and Half-Life movies are still under way.

- GabeN likes his steak medium rare.

- The number 3 must not be said and anonymous internet sources are not to be trusted.

- GabeN gets recognised on the street quite often.

- Work is being done on a single player game set in the Half-Life universe.

- GabeN plays Dota 2.

- A lot of work is being done on improving Steam support services.

- GabeN regrets the way Xen turned out in Half-Life 1.

- A VR input device design by Valve is in the works.

- GabeN advises new developers to get into a production process where they can get a lot of feedback.

- Valve doesn't like talking about its products before launch and prefers letting said products speak for themselves.

You can have a look at the entire AMA here.