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Super Mario Run brings in $30 million revenue

Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run

Nintendo's hit game Super Mario Run rakes in $30 million revenue, 2 weeks after its launch

Super Mario Run - Nintendo's very first attempt at mobile gaming - has grossed $30 million in revenue, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. The game has been downloaded over 90 million times since its launch on December 15th, making the aforementioned earnings relatively low. Given the fact that Nintendo's stock prices have dropped as well, it's unclear whether the company will continue supporting the app with any further development.

NintendoSuper Mario RunSuper Mario Run

The game itself is free to download and play, though in the free version players gain access to the first couple of levels only. The full price of the app is £7.99, meaning that out of the 90 million people who downloaded the game, only around 3 million have actually paid the full price. It's worth noting that just a week after its release, the game was downloaded over 50 million times. Super Mario Run is available on iOS devices, and will be coming to Android soon.

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