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Super Mario Run Launches

Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run

The world's most famous Italian plumber has started running furiously from left to right on iOS devices

Nintendo has launched Super Mario Run in the UK and US for iOS devices. Currently the game is priced at £7.99 ($9.99 US), and Nintendo have announced that this will be a one time purchase fee without any further in game purchases or micro-transactions.

Super Mario Run
Mario must have the world's biggest coin stash by now

Owners of Android devices will have to wait for the game to be ported to their smart phone of choice, until an unspecified time in 2017.

The first three levels of the game are open for a free trial, which is a nice insurance for customers not willing to commit money in a market quite dominated by free-to-play games.

Super Mario Run
Bowser is of course back in Super Mario Run

Interestingly, the game has no offline mode - which Nintendo has said is an anti-piracy measure. Whether that puts off avid mobile gamers remains to be seen - many do play while on the move, and a loss of connection will mean Game Over.

However, Mario is such a powerful brand and the game as we've played so far is everything you want and expect from Nintendo, it's certain to be a success - at least for those with an Apple phone.