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The Last Guardian - Release roundup

The Last Guardian
The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian is now available on PlayStation 4 worldwide, capping off with today's UK launch

After a decade of delays and development troubles, The Last Guardian finally completed its release schedule today, with the official UK launch. After optimistic words relating to pre-release sales figures stated by Sony product manager Joe Palmer last week, most reviewer opinions are also in. Oddly enough there seems to be quite a lot of consensus among reviewers, regarding the game's strengths and weaknesses.

The Last Guardian - So, we going to solve some puzzles or what?

Interactions between the protagonists and their emotional resonance are widely praised as the games strongest aspects, along with gorgeous aesthetics and environmental architecture. On the flip-side, those same interactions are cause for a lot of frustration on a mechanical level. Apparently Trico, the giant bird-cat-griffin star of the game, is somewhat stubborn and uncooperative with the player for puzzle solving purposes. This was described as intentional by the developers, aiming to present the creature with a simulated mind of its own; in practise however, most reviewers found it frustrating and needlessly time consuming - having to wrestle with the creature just as much as with the camera controls, in order to progress trough the game.

Overall review scores summed up by metacritic are largely favourable with a rating of 83% and a user score of 7.5 at the time of writing. Only thing left to do is wait for Sony and genDESIGN to release some actual sales figures. Then we can see for our selves if the decade long gambit of a development process truly paid off.