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BattleTech is Back - New MechWarrior Game announced; BattleTech TBS coming early 2017

Mercenary attitude - Battletech
Mercenary attitude - Battletech

BattleTech universe returning to spotlight. First new Singleplayer MechWarrior game announced since the failed reboot in 2009. BattleTech turn-based strategy due 2017

The MechWarrior series has lain dormant for quite a while now. Aside from a few interruptions in its long slumber, like the failed 2009 reboot and its refurbishment into a free to play online arena shooter - MechWarrior Online, there hasn't been much to be excited about. Recently, it looks like things are stirring up.

MechWarrior returns
MechWarrior returns

Late last week MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries was announced at the Vancouver MechCon 2016. Piranha Games revealed their plans for a single player campaign, similar in concept to the 2002 MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries. Players can expect to head an upstart band of mercenaries in the years leading up the Clan Invasion of 3049. The developers plan to organise the gameplay around running, managing, and leading a lance of mechs for hire in combat and outside of it, while navigating a mission structure centered around the political machinations taking place between BattleTechs Noble Houses.

The BattleTech setting, as a whole, is slowly manoeuvring itself towards centre stage. Veteran game designer Jordan Weisman is leading his game studio Harebrained Schemes on a new BattleTech turn-based strategy of the same title, announced back in 2015 and scheduled to release in early 2017. In contrast to MechWarrior 5, the upcoming turn-based strategy focuses more on the tactical and strategic aspects of mech combat, featuring a birds-eye view of the battlefield and gameplay much closer to the BattleTech tabletop system. 

Heavy metal fun - BattleTech
Heavy metal fun - BattleTech

The developers of on both games are working closely together to guarantee tonal and overall consistency for all upcoming releases.

These are exciting times for BattleTech fans. The entirety of the BattleTech universe has a rich history within the medium of video games. We here at will endeavour to bring you up to speed on the franchise and all the games preceding this recent revitalisation, in the coming times. Check back for regular updates on all things BattleTech.