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Lego Dimensions: Battle Arena trailer outlines kidstuff fun that ramps up the laughs

It's for kids they say, but Lego Dimensions: Battle Arena piles on the humour and nostalgia for all ages

If you've been badgered into laying out for Lego Dimensions, expect more nagging as the new Battle Arena trailer outlines new arenas and characters for you and the little ones to attack.

As you'd expect with Traveller's Tales' game, humour is high and tongue firmly in cheek - this has fun written all over it, with a hefty dose of slapstick and sound design to charm all ages.

Four players can choose from a laundry list of characters including Batman, Harry Potter, Ghostbusters, The Simpsons, and E.T., within 21 new arenas and four game modes (Capture the Flag, Objective, Tick Tag Boom, and Base Bash) each laced with their own traps and hazards.

It's rated 10+ due to crude humour, but we know plenty of grandparents who have laughed themselves silly in previous versions against the grandkids.

It's released on September 30th, priced at £30.