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Xbox's Jason Ronald says not all games that are releasing this year have been announced

Published: 07:57, 08 March 2021
Updated: 07:58, 08 March 2021
Forza Horizon 5 concept art

Xbox's director of PM, Jason Ronald, has shared some interesting info about Xbox's exclusives for 2021. He stated that Xbox have not announced all games that will be releasing this year.

We know that with the purchase of Zenimax and Bethesda, Xbox's first-party output will be bigger than ever thanks to a massive portfolio of titles such as Doom, Wolfenstein, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout and more.

However, many of these games from Bethesda studios won't be coming soon and the same goes for some other titles like Awoved from Obsidian or Playground Games' Fable. Players will have to wait at least a couple of more years to play these games but luckily, there could be plenty of new titles to play in the meantime.

According to the director of PM at Xbox, Jason Ronald, there are some 2021 games that are yet to be announced. Ronald was a guest at the Lords of Iron podcast where he was asked to say one gam that he is excited for this year to which he answered:

"Not all games that are releasing this year have been announced."

Twitter Forza Horizon 5 concept art

This, of course, suggests that Ronald is looking forward to something that is yet to be revealed and there are a couple of games that fall in this category. There are rumours that Forza Horizon 5 could release this year and we already had some leaked maps, showing the Japan setting. 

Other rumoured game that is yet to be revealed but could be coming in 2021 is Wolfenstein 3, but there's not much to say about this. Forza Horizon 5 certainly seems like the prime candidate for the 2021 release. 

Of course, this is just speculation at the moment, so take everything with a grain of salt, until Xbox reveal more information.