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Xbox set to reveal new "incredibly exciting" games very soon

Published: 12:56, 09 April 2020
Updated: 12:59, 09 April 2020
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According to a reliable insider Shinobi602, some "incredibly exciting" news is coming from Xbox in the near future. Apparently, some of these projects feature a gorgeous fantasy world while others are reboots and big sci-fi titles.

It looks like Xbox could reveal some pretty big games in the near future. Over at ResetEra, a reliable insider Shinobi602, who is hosting The Joy of Gaming show on Escapist Magazine, has hinted that Xbox fans will not have too wait too much longer for some big news and reveals.

When asked by one forum user to reveal at least the tiniest of hints, Shinobi602 wrote that it's not his place to share these details since he does not want his username plastered on websites (Sorry, Shi.) but "incredibly exciting" news should be coming pretty soon.

"It's not my place to give details, and my username would be plastered on sites come morning if I did lol. So I won't. But you won't have to wait too much longer, really. I'm incredibly excited at what's coming from Xbox," Shinobi602 wrote.

Furthermore, he described some of these games, giving some clues at what Xbox have in store at the moment. "Gorgeous fantasy worlds, reboots, big sci-fi...Should be a lot of fun," he concluded.

Now, Fable is the most obvious candidate for the gorgeous fantasy world game but reboots and big sci-fi and a bit wider terms. It's possible that Halo could be the sci-fi title but it would not surprise us if Xbox have a real surprise up in their sleeve. 

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As for reboots, that's the hardest one. It is possible that Microsoft and Xbox are working on some classic Xbox titles such as Perfect Dark or Killer Instinct. 

Of course, this is just speculation as we do not have any official information about the new projects. Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, Microsoft and Xbox share more details about their plans for Xbox Series X and PC games.

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