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Wolverine jumps into spotlight with new Marvel's Midnight Suns trailer

Published: 20:47, 16 August 2022
Marvel's Midnight Suns - Wolverine

Wolverine is the latest hero that was showcased in the promotional material for Marvel's Midnight Suns and it appears he will be an extremely versatile character.

Marvel's Midnight Suns has released another character gameplay video, this time featuring everyone's favourite impolite Canadian, Wolverine. True to his comic book depictions, Wolverine is rough around the edges when it comes to social interactions but he's also resourceful on the battlefield.

As such, Wolverine will be a tank that can actually deal pretty good damage and heal himself. While this may sound like he is a master of all trades, players will need to choose what to emphasise, meaning he will excel at versatility rather than all aspects of combat.

For example, Wolverine can deal AoE damage but does not excel at it. However, he has a mechanic called Full Combo that allows him to focus all attacks from an AoE ability onto a single target, which results in heavy single-target damage.

His healing factor plays a prominent role as well. Redrawing cards results in Wolverine healing himself and as the passive is upgraded, he will recover more HP.

Additionally, if Wolverine gets downed in a fight, he will automatically draw a card that will let him heal and get back up on his feet but that card can only be used once per combat.

Reviving himself will cost two Heroism points but that part is balanced out by the rest of Wolverine's cards as they mostly don't use the resource.

Midnight Special is the exception to this rule as it consumes all the Heroism you have at that point in order to deal more damage for each point consumed. It's well worth it though as Wolverine will dash across the battlefield and attack pretty much everything in random order with each attack doing more damage.

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