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Upcoming Xbox announcement to serve as "an appetizer" for the big event

Published: 07:46, 29 April 2020
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According to a reliable insider Shinobi602, the upcoming Xbox announcement will only serve as "an appetizer" for the big event that will come soon after that. However, this first announcement will still be fun, the insider stated.

Rumours about Xbox events in May and June just won't go away. Apparently, Microsoft are preparing two major events where they will showcase their next-gen console Xbox Series X and the full lineup of new games, from Xbox Game Studios.

These rumours have been confirmed by a reliable insider Shinobi602, who has once again teased what exactly we can expect from Microsoft in the next couple of months. Over at ResetEra, Shinobi602 cleared up the confusion regarding the first event, which many excited players see as a place for big announcements.

Shinobi602 claims that the first event will serve as an appetizer for what is coming soon after that. "Event might be embellishing what's coming next just a little bit. But think it might be a nice appetizer," the insider wrote in the ResetEra thread. 

When one forum user wrote that this sounds a bit disappointing, Shinobi602 once again replied that the event will still be fun. "Don't be disheartened, it'll still be fun."

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Microsoft are yet to officially announce these events so you should take everything with a grain of salt, even if this info comes from a reliable insider with a proven track record. 

One of the games that we might see on the events is Perfect Dark reboot , according to the details on The Initiative's former Technical Designer Linkedin profile.