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Ubisoft sue Google, Apple over Rainbow Six Siege ripoff

Published: 07:01, 18 May 2020
Rainbow Six Siege - Kali
Rainbow Six Siege - Kali

We're used to seeing companies suing developers or publishers of copycat games, but this time around, Ubisoft took Apple and Google to court over a mobile shooter called Area F2.

Ubisoft insist that the game is a near carbon copy of Rainbow Six Siege,  having copied everything from the operator selection screen to the final scoring.

It doesn't take a legal expert to see the similarities between Area F2 and Rainbow Six Siege, as the trailer above even mimics the game's colour grading. Its description on Google Play talks about attackers and defenders, special abilities and destructible environments, all staple features of Rainbow Six Siege. 

Area F2 was developed by Qookka Games, who are owned by Chinese company Alibaba, but Ubisoft went for Apple and Google, who refused to take the game down off of their respective stores. 

Sources speculate that Ubisoft did so due to how difficult it may be to push the copyright infringement lawsuit in China. So, the Rainbow Six Siege developer chose to hit the game at the distribution source first, i.e. Google Play and App Store. 

"Ubisoft and our teams have poured years of talent, creativity and resources into making Rainbow Six Siege the success that it is today. While we are not able to comment on pending litigation, we can confirm that Ubisoft is committed to protecting its intellectual property", the company told Kotaku. 

Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void Edge character Oryx Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void Edge, Oryx

You may recall that PUBG had similar issues with copycat games, having sued Chinese publisher NetEase and their two games Knives Out and Rules of Survival for copyright infringement. 

They ended up settling the case after a year's worth of courtroom royale, which left the two with ample time to mould theft into what you could call "influenced by", which makes Ubisoft's method actually make sense. 

You can learn more via Bloomberg .  

Rainbow Six Siege

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