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Summer GDQ postponed, new event coming in April 2020

Published: 20:39, 27 March 2020
Games Done Quick
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SGDQ 2019

Speedrunning charity marathon known as Games Done Quick has already finished the winter part in 2020 but the summer part will be postponed due to Coronavirus. However, the organisers prepared something special that is coming in April 2020.

Summer GDQ 2020 will be postponed from the planned mid-August 2020 run due to the disruption caused by Coronavirus. Instead of that event, which may or may not happen, GDQ organisers prepared something else for the speedrunning fans. 

Namely, an event dubbed Corona Relief Done Quick (CRDQ) will be held 17 to 19 April 2020. All donations from this event will go to Direct Relief charity folks who will obviously have their hands full with the ongoing pandemic.

Considering that it's happening during the heat of a pandemic where isolation is pretty much mandatory, CRDQ will be held entirely online. Game submissions for this event are now open and will run until 2 April 2020. These games can be suggested through the CRDQ submission form .

CRDQ's submissions will have no impact on SGDQ so the two events are still entirely separate and the organisers have not discarded the latter for the time being. Games list and schedule will be published on 13 April 2020.

Meanwhile, SGDQ game submissions are set to run from 29 April to 9 May 2020. Game list will arrive on 6 June while game schedule will be available on 15 June 2020.

Current volunteer applications have been removed and all volunteers will need to reapply through Initlive. There is plenty of other info regarding SGDQ that you can check out on the delay notification page .

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