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Star Dynasties just got out of Early Access

Published: 13:00, 01 September 2021
Pawley Games
Star Dynasties gets a full release on Steam

Pawley Games' tale of intrigue and legacy, Star Dynasties is now done with Early Access and fully released on Steam. Star Dynasties is a turn-based, narrative of drama and personal politics.

Iceberg Interactive and Pawley Games are letting their turn-based narrative game Star Dynasties spread its wings and fly out of Early Access and into a full release today, September 1, 2021. The space opera is available now for PC (via Steam) in exchange for $29.99 and a heartfelt "thank you", softly whispered into your microphone.

During the game's stint in Early Access, Pawley Games went ahead and added a bunch of updates meant to balance Star Dynasties and squash some alien bugs in the process. This resulted in the addition of Expedition Events, Colony Improvements, a story editor and mod support.

Living in structures your kind didn't build and flying around in ships you don't understand can get pretty tiresome for an inquisitive species. Enter Expedition Events: players will discover something about how the world used to operate pre-Collapse and find some interesting relics.

Colony Improvements are pretty much what you'd expect: you will happen upon some pre-Collapse infrastructure you can then upgrade and repair so your habitat suits your goals. Build for the life you want, not the life you have kind of deal. 

Star Dynasties' story editor will let the players craft their own adventures and narrative chains.

Star Dynasties - release trailer
Star Dynasties - features
  • Customize your character, play through their life and the lives of their descendants, guiding your political household to dominance over the galaxy.
  • Expand your empire through conquest, or take the diplomatic route and gain allies. Negotiations, threatening and blackmailing are all part and parcel of the experience.
  • Celebrate your achievements by hosting lavish feats and ingratiate yourself with other rulers. Marry off your family members to stabilize your empire or build external alliances.
  • Safeguard your reputation. Act honourably and bravely, then strike ruthlessly when the opportunity presents itself. Pursue justice for your vassals or punish and exploit them for their crimes.
  • Use your spies to uncover the secrets of your opponents or spread lies about them. Arrest their agents and negotiate for the release of your own.