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Rumour: Xbox planning two "next-gen" events in the next two months

Published: 13:27, 14 April 2020
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Microsoft are planning two big Xbox events in the next two months, where they will have a full reveal of Xbox Series X and also host an E3 replacement event, new leaker over at 4Chan claims.

By the looks of it, the next couple of months could be pretty big for Microsoft and Xbox. According to recent rumours,  the green team is partnering up with the Japanese giant Sega and have a joint announcement on the way.

Today, we have another rumour that will certainly get many Xbox fans excited for the future of Xbox Game Studios and Xbox Series X. The rumour states that Microsoft have plans for two huge digital events in the next two months. 

Apparently, the first "next-generation" digital event is a proper console reveal, scheduled for May 2020. On top of this, the event will have selected a showcase of game announcements and demos. 

The second digital event will serve as a replacement for E3 and it is coming in June 2020. Leaker states that the show will be packed with games, mostly new titles from Xbox first-party studios. 

4Chan 4Chan Xbox events leak

As you may remember, recently a reliable insider Shinobi602 revealed over at ResetEra that Xbox are preparing to announce several new games , one of them being a title with a "gorgeous fantasy world".  The new leak claims that this game is Fable and its world is being created with "hand-crafted photogrammetry" with a mix of "procedurally generated" regions for bigger scale.

Furthermore, a complete RPG system is in place and the game focuses on "great third-person" fights and fluid animations.

Last but not least, the leaker states that Microsoft have a big new exclusive IP from a Japanese studio in the works. This correlates with the earlier rumours which suggested that Sega are joining Xbox Game Studios.

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As always, you should take these rumours with a grain of salt, just like any other unconfirmed information. That being said, the details sound legit and it would not surprise us if these are indeed Microsoft's plans for the next couple of months.