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Riot Games' Project A aims at the top of FPS esports

Published: 10:03, 16 October 2019
Updated: 10:19, 16 October 2019
Riot Games
Project A
Project A

Riot Games couldn't have picked a better moment to kick Blizzard in the shins as they announced their first-person hero shooter, Project A, in the midst of latter's crisis. The game aims to have the best net code around, obviously as a nod to competitive play.

Riot Games are finally getting several new titles that will make their name be worthy of that "s" in "Games". It seems like the one furthest into the development is the first-person hero shooter codenamed Project A, set on a "beautiful near-future Earth" that has a "lethal cast of characters" with unique abilities.

At first glance it looks like a hybrid that takes from both Counter-Strike and Overwatch since the gunplay in the preview above feels a lot like the former but the art style and unique hero abilities are much more like the latter. It even has a sniper rifle that sounded like an AWP but it's not yet confirmed whether it will keep the effects into official release.

One interesting thing about Project A's development is that Riot stated they are looking to minimise the commonly infuriating parts of online FPS games, such bad netcode. 

Riot are looking to get rid of Peeker's Advantage in particular. This is the effect that happens when players use visual obstacles as cover and therefore tend to shoot enemies without them having the fair chance of shooting back. Normally, this can happen due to superior reflexes but it also often happens due to netcode issues since the information about available and visible hitboxes is not instantly transmitted from the peeker to server and from server to the other player.

While the development of Project A seems to be on a faster track than that of other games, the footage seen in the clip above has the "Early Development" watermark on it. Devs stated they will go dark for a while but more info will come in 2020.

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