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Video: PS4 Pro performance issues reported on a number of games

Published: 16:50, 10 December 2016
Updated: 14:27, 16 December 2016
PlayStation 4 Pro

Investigating and clarifying some of the numerous reported performance issues, on various games - old and new - for the PlayStation 4 Pro

A few days ago Sony that the PlayStation 4 sold over 50 million copies, worldwide. At the midway point of their consoles lifespan, two new additions have joined the PlayStation ecosystem - the PlayStation 4 Pro and a slim version of the PlayStation 4 proper.

Boasting over 370 million retail game sales since its launch, Sony and the PlayStation 4 are doing quite well for themselves. But launching new hardware is a tricky business, and the PlayStation 4 Pro is no exception. Rumours are circulating that the beefy new version of the PlayStation provides a sub-optimal experience for some games, even when compared to the console's steroid-less version. It's still a matter of debate whether the growing pains of the upgraded console should be addressed by the third-party game developers, or by Sony themselves. Either way, a swift resolution to the the problem is of universal benefit, primarily to those customers that have yet to make up their minds over holiday console purchases.

PS4 - PS4 Pro  PS4 - PS4 Pro

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