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Project L, fighting game by Riot Games, unveiled

Published: 12:15, 16 October 2019
Riot Games via Surr@20
Project L - Ahri vs Darius
Project L - Ahri vs Darius

Riot Games announced a fighting game back at EVO but showed some footage and more details during the League of Legends 10 year anniversary. Its codename is Project L.

Project L is an upcoming fighting game, filled with champions from League of Legends. It was initially teased at EVO 2019 but now we finally have some gameplay footage as well as a few comments from the developers.

The shown gameplay is highly reminiscent of Street Fighter and other similar games, which is not much of a surprise since it's in development by Riot's section that is made of former Radiant Entertainment team members. 

These guys were making the robot fighting game, Rising Thunder, that was eventually cancelled but Street Fighter influence could be seen on their work even back then.

Ahri, Katarina, Darius and Jinx have been shown so far, with Darius being featured most prominently. While the game incorporates the standard range of kicks and punches seen in any other fighting game, it has not forgotten about the things that make League champions unique. 

Darius is fighting with his massive great axe, Katarina is holding her dual daggers and Jinx is seen shooting her with the minigun, Pow-Pow. 

Developers said that they will maintain radio silence for a while, possibly due to the nature of titles in early development but more news is to be expected during 2020.

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