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Project A abilities to be bought like weapons, will be free to play

Published: 10:26, 12 February 2020
Screenshot from Project A alpha build
Project A

Riot Games invited some prominent figures in the world of shooter games to test out their upcoming Project A. They were allowed to share general impressions and hinted that the power of abilities will not be as drastic as in Overwatch or Destiny games.

Project A was initially announced as the next competitive shooter that will attempt to take on various already established games such as Apex Legends, CS:GO and Overwatch. Two out of three of these games feature hero abilities and Project A does too but even the initial reveal stated they will not have too much of an impact and shooting will be the main focus.

This was confirmed by HenryG , one of the testers, who said that while Project A features abilities, they will be diluted and focus will be on CS:GO-like combat. Furthermore, while the skills can be used for gaining a tactical advantage in order to make flashy plays, they are not overpowered when compared to standard weaponry.

On top of that, Project A will feature an economy system like all Counter-Strike games and abilities will be purchased at the start of a round. These abilities will share the same economy pool as weaponry. In other words - guns and abilities cost will be purchased with the same currency, spread it out wisely.

Even when the abilities are purchased, simply spamming them will not work . This appears to be the result of Riot's design which was focused on skilled gameplay and backed by the strong net framework and anti-cheat systems which eliminate classic cheesing methods such as peeker's advantage. Oh and all weapons will be available for purchase to everyone, regardless of the class.

Riot Games Project A Project A

Last but not least of the insights provided by Nyx, is that Project A will be a free to play title with cosmetic microtransactions. Only the PC version will be available initially but console versions are being developed as well. 

Keep in mind that Project A is a placeholder name which will be changed in the future.

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