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Photos of Starfield Special Edition Xbox controller leak online

Published: 15:26, 03 April 2023
The photo of the alleged Starfield Xbox controller first appeared on a Chinese website

The first image of what appears to be a Starfield Special Edition Xbox controller has surfaced online via the Chinese internet. The controller comes in white with very neat control hints for each button.

Today, we have a first look at the alleged Starfield Special Edition controller for Xbox Series X|S and PC . The images of the stunning controller reportedly first surfaced on the Chinese Internet but ResetEra user chen17 shared them on this popular gaming forum.

Keep in mind that this has not been officially announced just yet by Xbox and Bethesda so the controller may be fake or custom-made by someone excited to play Starfield.

However, our gut feeling tells us that this looks way too detailed and precise to be fake but until we get an official confirmation we'll definitely take it with a grain of salt. 

As you can see in the photo above, the controller's primary colour is white while the main buttons are grey and gold. There's also neat colouring around the Xbox logo representing the iconic Starfield visual identity. 

But probably the best thing about the controller is how there are actual control hints near each button, telling you what each button does. So for example, we now know that the LB button is used to scan the area while we'll use the left stick to add more power to our spaceship. 

ResetEra Starfield controller - the backside is red with a very neat looking Starfield logo

On the backside, the controller is red with a stunning Starfield logo and mention that the controller is a property of the Constellation. Another nice touch is the message on the inside of the battery cover which states "For all, into the Starfield".

All in all, it's a really great-looking controller and we cannot wait to see the first official images. Now, the only thing that we need is a Starfield-themed Xbox Series X console to match with this gorgeous controller. Make it happen, Xbox.