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New Xbox store update hints at Xbox Series X UI design

Published: 14:27, 05 June 2020
Xbox Series X Store re-design

Today we have our first look at the gorgeous, re-designed Xbox store for the upcoming Xbox Series X thanks to the latest leak. The update is codenamed Project Mercury and it is a massive improvement over the old design.

A brand new re-design of the Xbox store both on PC and current-gen consoles has been leaked by Windows Central on YouTube. The new design, which is currently in development is codenamed Project Mercury and will be released sometime this year.

As you can see from the screenshots above and below as well as in the video here , the new design is minimalistic but still pretty gorgeous and a huge improvement over the old one. Just like previous designs, this one also uses Microsoft's Fluent Design with a lot of acrylic blur effects and swift animations. It looks a much cleaner and easier to use overall so hats off to Microsoft for that.

YouTube Xbox Project Mercury store update

This design is currently in unfinished, pre-release phase so expect some changes but nothing out of the ordinary. Whether this exact design also ends up in Xbox Series X it remains to be seen but we assume the next-gen console may end up with a similar system.

Microsoft will probably want to keep the store design consistent over all platforms and so it would not be surprising if the store on every platform gets the same makeover. Of course, the update will be coming to both PC and consoles.