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Necromunda: Hired Gun leaked on Microsoft Store

Published: 23:12, 17 March 2021
Streum On Studio
Necromunda: Hired Gun
Necromunda: Hired Gun

Necromunda: Hired Gun is the name of Streum On's new game that is set in Warhammer 40,000 universe and it's just a few months away from release.

E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy developers got their hands on a Warhammer 40K game that is more in line with their cult classic and it's slightly hard to contain the hype at this time.

If you are not familiar with their work after gaining all the Brouzouf in the known universe, Streum On Studio worked on Space Hulk: Deathwing. While the guns there didn't feature fuller auto , playing with the various weapons the Terminators provided proved to be just as much fun.

However, the team's new title is far closer to E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy since Necromunda: Hired Gun as we will get to develop the single protagonist through "endless weapon and augment customisation". Those who played E.Y.E. will know the team can certainly deliver on that promise but it remains to be seen if they had as much creative liberty with Hired Gun.

If the name didn't give it up by now, game progression will revolve around picking your contracts, collecting the bounties and enjoying the riches alongside your loyal cyberdoggo. Yup, you get a dog too and according to the description on the MS page , there is a degree of upgrading the pup as well.

Streum On Studio Necromunda: Hired Gun Necromunda: Hired Gun

 Necromunda: Hired Gun has June 1, 2021, set as release date on the store page but it's possible this is a placeholder. It does show the game is approximately 10 MB in size, after all.

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