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Microsoft's new feature to allow streaming of PC games across xCloud

Published: 10:57, 28 February 2020
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Microsoft want to allow players to stream any PC game on their cloud gaming service xCloud as long as the publishers are ok with it. The new report claims that the feature will be similar to Nvidia GeForce Now.

Microsoft have big plans for their upcoming console Xbox Series X and cloud gaming service Project xCloud. As you may know, the company confirmed several times that they are trying to bridge the game between console and PC and will focus on that in the future.

Today, we have a new report from Thurrott's Brad Sams , who claims that Microsoft has one, yet unannounced feature, that will be coming with the cloud gaming service and is almost certain to excite fans.

Sams says that Microsoft want to allow players to stream any PC game on xCloud, as long as the publisher of that certain game allows such a feature. "There are also other features coming to the service that have not yet been released, such as streaming PC games using xCloud," Sams writes in the article.

Furthermore, he claims that the feature will be similar to Nvidia's GeForce Now. "We have seen a similar feature where you can stream games from your Xbox console to another device, PC gamers will soon be able to do the same," Sams explains.

Apparently, Microsoft's goal is to make xCloud the main pillar for future gaming features and options and we should hear more about this in just a couple of weeks at GDC.

Now, this really does sound great but the main issue with the new feature is the support from publishers. Several publishers decided to pull out from GeForce Now for the exact reason and it remains to be seen how Microsoft plan to deal with "this issue".

Microsoft This... is very cool.

Players argue that once they purchase the game, they should be able to play it wherever they want, which is a fair argument, but Microsoft will probably have to offer something to publishers as well, if they want to avoid the GeForce Now scenario.