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Microsoft to change their exclusives strategy with Xbox Series X

Published: 08:50, 11 January 2020
Xbox Series X

Microsoft won't push for hardware-exclusives with their next-generation console Xbox Series X says Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios. Apparently, the company want to rewrite the exclusives rules and offer their titles across all Microsoft devices.

As we get closer to the full reveal of next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft, new details have started to surface about some of the unique features that these two will pack. However, many still feel that the exclusives war is the most important thing and that the winner could take the crown for the best selling console of the next-generation.

It's safe to say that Sony will look to continue with their practice of exclusive titles and you can expect some big games from their SIE studios all over the world. Microsoft, on the other hand, won't do such a thing. In the last couple of years, Microsoft tried to bridge the gap between Xbox One and PC with crossplay and other features and they will push with the same practice even further with Xbox Series X.

In the latest interview, Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios confirmed that the plan is to have first-party games compatible across all Microsoft’s devices, existing and new which would signal the end of the exclusivity we have seen in the past.

"As our content comes out over the next year, two years, all of our games, sort of like PC, will play up and down that family of devices," Booty said. "We want to make sure that if someone invests in Xbox between now and [Series X] that they feel that they made a good investment and that we’re committed to them with content."

Microsoft won't pressure third-party publishers to turn out hardware-exclusives on launch but that could change in two years, once the Xbox Series X userbase has grown significantly. Booty also said that the plan is to pick one or two IP and focus on them, make sure they are there at the launch of the console, taking advantage of all the features. 

"That’s going to be Halo Infinite, which is a big opportunity. It’s the first time in over 15 years that we’ll have a Halo title launching in sync with a new console. And that team is definitely going to be doing things to take advantage of [Series X]," Booty explained.

Microsoft Halo Infinite, Do we really need to explain who?

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