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Logitech relaunch MX518 gaming mouse due to popular demand

Published: 17:59, 12 March 2019
Picture of MX518 gaming mouse by Logitech

Logitech are relaunching a classic mouse many gamers will recognise as a source of limitless nostalgia - the MX518. The company tried to build new legends for 14 years afterwards but popular demand brought the old beast back apparently.

Logitech MX518 is probably one of the most popular gaming mice that have ever existed as the massive black-and-grey input device was likely the biggest jump when it comes to mouse reliability and precision for any user who bought it back in the day.

Naturally, Logitech attempted to improve upon their designs over the years releasing the likes of G400 and G500 with the former being the all-time favourite of yours truly but the whispers about MX518 could never be quelled. Logitech G listened to the demand and brought the mouse back out of retirement with MSRP of $59,99.

When it comes to the looks and ergonomics, this new edition will look more like G400 due to not sporting the faux dented plate looks but the sleek glossy grey plate. The size will remain the same and it will feature a Nightfall colour scheme. The outside may look extremely familiar, probably to kickstart that nostalgia train, but MX518 has many changes under the hood.

Just like MX518 was incredibly accurate for 2005 when it was released, the reborn version will feature Logitech's advanced Hero 16K sensor, meaning that it will not be stuck at 800 DPI but rather span from 100 to 16.000 DPI. Due to the staggering capture rate of 17.000 frames per second, no mouse acceleration should be present. Therefore, the reborn MX518 should prove to be appealing to professional gamers and enthusiasts alike.

Logitech Picture of the Logitech MX518 mouse MX518

As per usual, the additional buttons will be programmable with Logitech's software so you can remap the buttons' functionality and possibly avoid accidentally changing DPI while scrolling as those two buttons are right next to the wheel. 

You can check the full mouse specifications on the or you can attempt to quell the nostalgia-infused hype and maybe rethink whether it's worth $59,99. You could spend that money to buy a fantastic AAA game, like Fallout 76 or Anthem!

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