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Inside Xbox: Start times, how and where to watch

Published: 15:37, 05 May 2020
Inside Xbox event is set for 06 May 2020

Microsoft are set to share a ton of new information about their Xbox Series X console and reveal the first next-gen gameplay on 07 May 2020. Here are the start times for various time zones and where to watch the show.

A brand new Inside Xbox episode is coming this week. Microsoft already confirmed that the event will focus on giving players a first look at next-generation gameplay, trailers and sneak peeks from a wide variety of publishers and indie developers. 

The biggest highlight of the event should be Ubisoft's reveal of Assassin's Creed: Valhalla gameplay, a first look at the game on next-gen consoles. The event goes live on 07 May 2020 and below, you will find all the necessary details including start times for various regions and how and where to watch the show. 

Microsoft Xbox Series X, Games reveal

Start times:

  • 07 May 2020
    • 8:00 AM PT
    • 10:00 AM - Mexico City
    • 11:00 AM ET
    • Noon - Rio de Janeiro
    • 04:00 PM - UK
    • 05:00 PM - Western Europe
    • 06:00 PM - Moscow
    • 08:30 PM - Mumbai
  • 08 May 2020
    • Midnight - Tokyo
    • 1:00 AM - Sydney

Where to watch:

  • Mixer.com/Xbox
  • Twitch.tv/Xbox
  • Facebook.com/Xbox
  • Twitter.com/Xbox
  • YouTube.com/Xbox for the 4K stream.