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Halo Infinite targeting Autumn 2021 release date, will be at E3 2021

Published: 11:05, 24 November 2020
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Art of Halo Infinite, closeup

According to latest rumours, 343 Industries and Xbox plan to show Halo Infinite at E3 2021 but it not clear in what capacity. Also, it looks like the game won't be coming in the first half of 2021.

Xbox exclusive Halo Infinite was originally set to release this month alongside the Xbox Series X console but as you may know, the game has been delayed to 2021 as developer 343 Industries need more time for polishing and optimisation. 

Anyway, today, we have some fresh info about Halo Infinite, courtesy of Halo YouTuber named Sean W. In his latest videos , Sean reveals that he has a super-secret source who told him a couple of interesting details about the game. 

Before we dive into it, keep in mind that this info is far from confirmed and you should take everything with a grain of salt. Now that we cleared that up, let's talk check out the most interesting bits from Sean's videos.

  • The game is planned for E3 2021 showcase but Sean wasn't told specifically what this showcase will be. He speculates that it could be a DLC. 
  • Halo Infinite's release date is set for Autumn 2021, contrary to some rumours which suggested first half of 2021 as the release date. 
  • Halo veteran Joseph Staten was very impressed with what he saw when he joined the team in August.
  • There are multiple reasons for the delay - One of them is certainly COVID but apparently, the July backlash played a big part.
  • He claims that the game is "special" but did not elaborate what he means by this. Could be the scope of the project, which is rumoured to be pretty massive.

Xbox Halo Infinite

It's worth mentioning that one of the most reliable sources for Xbox Game Studios, Klobrille, recently confirmed Halo Infinite is still set to release in 2021 , and Sean's sources claim the same.

The E3 2021 showcase is possible and it would be surprising if the game was not at the show. As for other points, we already knew that the delay was due to COVID and backlash while the info about Staten's reaction is quite interesting. If true, then it's safe to say that Halo Infinite's campaign is something to look forward to.