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Halo Infinite: New game mode Last Spartan Standing leaks online

Published: 07:50, 06 April 2022
Screengrab/delta hub
Halo Infinife - Last Spartan Standing artwork

A new Big Team Battle mode variation named Last Spartan Standing has been discovered in the latest Halo Infinite data mine. 

Halo Infinite players have been craving more content for the last couple of months but 343 haven't really been up to speed with the post-launch updates. That is about to change very soon when Halo Infinite Season 2 officially releases in May but it remains to be seen whether or not Season 2 brings a substantial content drop to keep the players engaged for long enough.

We know Season 2 is bringing two new maps but it looks like a brand new mode could be included too. The latest Halo Infinite data mine has revealed a new Big Team Battle variation named Last Spartan Standing, which is, as the name suggests, a battle royale-like mode. 

The data mine reveals the artwork for the mode as well as the official description which states: "Every Spartan for themselves! Level Up your loadout by earning Personal Score to be the last Spartan standing."

screengrab/deltahub Halo Infinite - Last Spartan Standing mode description

The mode probably isn't as big as the traditional battle royale since it falls under the Big Team Battle mode category but it's interesting to see that 343 have already started considering battle royale, despite previous claims that they wouldn't be doing such mode.

343 Industries said they will include all the tools for such a mode in Halo Infinite's Forge , allowing players to create their own battle royale mode if they so desire.

Anyway, given that Last Spartan Standing already has artwork and official description added to the game files, it wouldn't surprise us if the mode landed very soon. Though, until 343 give us official details, take everything with a dose of scepticism, just like any other rumour or leak.