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Halo Infinite Forge leaks reveal air strikes, floating objects, window barriers and more

Published: 12:29, 25 July 2022
343 Industries
Halo Infinite - Behemoth map

Halo Infinite Forge is shaping up to be a dream tool for all Halo modders. The latest leaks have revealed another set of exciting node graph scripts.

Halo Infinite has struggled to become a big Xbox hit since its launch, mainly due to the lack of post-launch updates such as new game modes, maps and weapons. 

So far, 343 Industries have released only two maps and a handful of game modes , which is nowhere near enough for a game that aims sky high. Halo Infinite also launched without two signature Halo features - Forge and Co-op. 

And while the latter is available now via Halo Insider, players will have to wait a bit longer to start forging. Luckily, the Forge hype is steadily increasing with each passing day due to the leaks that have revealed a whole slate of exciting features.

Window barriers 

As you can see in the videos below, shared by Halo Infinite leaks reporter Rebs Gaming, the latest leaked Forge script allows players to build, repair and breach barriers on windows akin to Call of Duty Zombies. 

This particular script is probably ideal for Halo Infinite's Infection mode, where players would need to protect themselves from Infected players. 

Floating objects with timers

On top of this, another Forge leak also revealed that players will be able to create scripts to make objects like rocks appear, float and fall from the air. Modder Forgeium made these using the plasma FX effects. 

Again, a very neat option for creating all sorts of paths, bridges and crazy map layouts. Interestingly, there's an option to create a timer system to make the objects fall after the time expires. 

Air strikes using Sabre and fusion coils

Probably the wildest one of the entire bunch. Forged by using a scriptable touch panel, Sabre vehicle prop and finally, fusion coils. The result is impressive and crazy at the same time, which only shows that Halo Infinite Forge can't come soon enough.  

If you're looking for more Forge leaks, make sure you follow Rebs Gamer who posts new Forge stuff almost on a daily basis. So far, with all the leaked options, Halo Infinite's Forge is shaping up to be a dream tool for all Halo forgers.

However, keep in mind that these are just leaks so it's entirely possible that some of this stuff doesn't end up being in Forge on launch. 

343 said previously that they will update and evolve Forge over time so not everything that leaked so far makes the cut for the official release. 

Halo Infinite Forge is currently on track to release sometime in Halo Infinite Season 3, which is coming later this year. Before the official launch, 343 are targeting an open beta later in Season 2.